(general public, mind-body practitioners)


Complement your Yoga or Meditation class with inspiring, educational talks about the science of compassion.


Yoga, meditation and general exercise release trapped energy in the body, facilitating the natural and harmonic flow of our body's life source. This takes place through the use of breath, posture and the attention of the mind.


These educational talks demonstrate how YOGA and MEDITATION in particular, can form part of your psyche self development, a practice which can be used to cultivate compassion and assist in the transformation of your personal psyche and physical well being.


Attendees are walked through an interesting educational presentation rooted in science and self reflection, followed by your own practical session.



£50.00 per talk  (1.5 hour talk) 

workshops & talks

Talks for the General public (Berkshire/Surrey areas)

Interesting, inspiring and educational talks about looking after your mental health, based around the science of compassion. Delivered at local community centres (please enquire to register your interest;


See also Mi (mind's 'i') Talks & Courses for mental health service users & young offenders






OTHER Visual presentation talks/workshops


We deliver talks and workshops to all individuals and organisations interested in learning the benefits and relevance of compassion to their working and personal lives.


Our talks provide an interesting and inspiring overview of the science of compassion and the multicultural practices that help to cultivate this natural quality.


Our Talks can easily combine in to; workshops for healthcare class interested in incorporating the scientific elements of how their practices enhance well being; healthcare companies who can integrate a visual presentation in to their own demonstrations at exhibitions or within practitioner training programs; and private psychologists, counsellors and well being practitioners, as an introduction to our full day course, for their continued professional development.

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